South Hampton Roads Civil War Units

The south Hampton Roads counties of Nansemond, Norfolk, and Princess Anne contributed several locally recruited cavalry and infantry companies that served with distinction in the Civil War. These are listed below under the regiments in which they served. Click on the links to see a graphic organization chart in which south Hampton Roads units are depicted in blue.

5th Regiment Cavalry (Virginia)15th Regiment Cavalry (Virginia)

  • Chesapeake Cavalry
  • Nansemond Cavalry
  • Princess Anne Cavalry
  • St. Bride’s Cavalry

6th Regiment Infantry (Virginia)

  • “Company R” (Portsmouth)
  • Independent Grays (Norfolk)
  • McKenney’s Company (Norfolk)
  • Nansemond Guards
  • Norfolk LIght Artillery Blues
  • Norfolk Light Infantry
  • Norfolk Junior Volunteers
  • Princess Anne Grays
  • Seaboard Rifles (Princess Anne)
  • Southern Guards (Norfolk)
  • Woodis Rifles (Norfolk)

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