Moore Family Cemetery

The Moore cemetery and the surrounding farmland near the intersection at Pungo in Virginia Beach, Virginia, have been in the Moore family since at least 1789. Click here to see a cemetery map.

On the 7th of November 1789, Cason Moore wrote his will, leaving to his son Tully Moore “…that part of my estate which [he] already had in [his] possession….”[1] That part of his estate was fifty-one acres of land that Cason had given his son Tully on 20 January 1789 by deed of gift.[2]

Tully Moore did not long survive his father. Tully wrote his will on the 31st of August 1794, leaving to his wife Elizabeth “…the land whereon I now live dureing her widowhood and at the end of her widowhood I give the said land to my son William Moore….”[3] The fifty-one acres that Tully received from his father now passed to Tully’s son William Moore, my 3rd great grandfather.

By 1821, William had acquired an additional twenty-three acres of land for a total of seventy-three acres, for which he began paying taxes in that year. The land was described in the tax records as located in Pungo, four miles southeast of the court house.[4] William Moore lived a long life and did not write his will until the 12th of February 1842, leaving to “…my son James Moore the west end of my plantation…” and to “…my son William Moore the eastern end of my plantation….” [5] His two sons James and William each inherited 36.5 acres. William did not give land to his three other children Betsey, Eliza, and Andrew. [6]

James Moore, who died in 1870, passed his 36.5 acres to his son Joshua G. Moore. Joshua was alive as late as 1920, but his date of death and burial are not known, and he did not leave a recorded will. His only son Joshua Dey Moore, who was apparently not interested in farming, moved to Norfolk sometime before 1930. The farm eventually came into the possession of his sister Stella and her husband Joshua Clay James, whom she married in 1904. It was at this point that the property and the cemetery passed out of the Moore family.

There are conflicting stories about how the Moore family lost the property. What is known is that Joshua Clay James borrowed money from brothers Oscar and Simon Land and probably used the farm as collateral. When he defaulted on the loan, Oscar and Simon Land took possession of the farm. Their houses stand within site of the cemetery, and their children are the co-owners of the property to this day.

My 3rd great grandfather William Moore, who died in 1843, is the oldest known burial in the Moore family cemetery. He is also the person with the earliest birth date, 13 May 1773. Enoch Petree, who died in 1899, is the last known burial. There are twenty-six known persons buried in the cemetery, twenty-three of whom are descendants or in-laws of William Moore. They are:

his wife Elizabeth Moore
three sons Andrew Moore, William Moore, and James Moore
two daughters Eliza Petree and Elizabeth Malbone
five grandsons James E. Moore, Charles T. Moore, Cason Moore, William. H. Moore, and James M. Malbone
three great grandsons Cason Moore, Henry H. Leggett, and Jas. E. Leggett
four great granddaughters Ellen Moore, Hannah P. Moore, Ada E. Petree, and Rosia May Petree
one son-in-law Enoch Petree
two daughters-in-law Catherine (Malbone) Moore and Elizabeth (Bonney) Moore
two granddaughters-in-law Elizabeth W. (Cason) Moore and Hettie (Bouchell) Moore

There are four Confederate veterans buried in the Moore family cemetery, all of whom survived and returned to their families after the war:

James M. Malbone 2nd Lieutenant, Company B, 6th Virginia Infantry
James E. Moore Private, Company F, 16th Virginia Infantry
William H. Moore Private, Company C, 15th Virginia Cavalry
Enoch Petree Private, Company C, 15th Virginia Cavalry

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